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Sankari Sen, a young village schoolteacher goes on a mountain journey with her school friends to a snow-capped mountain peak. She is accompanied by school-girls of her village and her teacher friend and also by a young journalist who is pursuing his degree, supported by his wife. Sankari's group also includes Professor, M. K. Gandhi's grandson and his friend. While on the road, she starts to wonder, how her elderly parents are doing, not knowing that their house has been burnt down and that they have been taken care of by Professor's wife. She also starts to wonder whether her friend Geeta's marriage will ever take place and whether she will ever become a mother, much to the fear of her parents. After reaching the snow-capped mountain, the group is surprised to see the entire village of Aga lying spread in a valley, minus its people. Only a school teacher there continues to teach his students amidst such a condition. The school teacher then shows to Sankari's group the whole incident. As Sankari starts to wonder as to what has happened, she realises that the teacher is in deep fear for his life. Sankari questions the students who appear to be very happy. The teacher then asks Sankari to leave the village. Meanwhile, Sankari's father, who is the head of the village, takes out all his wealth and gives it to his son-in-law, Professor. At night, the school teacher, with the help of Sankari and Professor, takes a huge run in order to reach the other side of the mountain and finally reach the village. After reaching the village, he realises that there is no time to waste. He also realises that there has been a communal upheaval and decides to go back. He passes on the message of the school teacher to the people of the village. On the road, when they are at a distance from the village, the driver and his accomplice of the driver are seen being attacked by the villagers. They are saved by Sankari, who happens to be wearing an Indian national dress. The group reaches the village. As the people of the village welcome the strangers, the driver and the driver's accomplice take the group inside a mountain cave and prepare to kill them. After some time, the trio are saved by the school teacher, who happens to be their school teacher. He then takes out the password from the driver's accomplice and




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Download Indu Sarkar Movie Torrent 1080p [Updated]

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